Mead Lover's Digest #57 Wed 16 December 1992

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Mead recipe (jfunk)
Zinger Mead Question (Douglas Niehaus)
honey sources ("Daniel F McConnell")

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Date: Tue, 15 Dec 92 08:19:29 EST
From: jfunk <jfunk@MAIL.CASI.NASA.GOV>
Subject: Mead recipe

I'm just getting started brewing my own beer, and I'd like
to get a good mead recipe from anyone who can supply me with
one. Thanks in advance!
Jim F


Date: Tue, 15 Dec 92 10:51:08 EST
From: (Douglas Niehaus)
Subject: Zinger Mead Question

I was just getting ready to make a cup of Red Zinger, and was idly
reading the quotes on the box, and my eyes strayed to the ingredients

Ingredients: hibiscus flowers, rosehips, lemon grass, orange peel,
natural flavors, and citric acid.

It struck me that I have seen many of these ingredients as added
flavors for one mead or another, and certainly Red Zinger goes well with
some honey in it.

Anyone ever made a Red Zinger mead??? I have only two batches
of mead going so far, one gallon and two gallons respectively, and have just
followed the Barshack Ginger Mead recipe in Papazian. I used and O.G. of
95 for the first, and 50 for the second to check out that parameter, but
just adde the ginger and hops as he suggested, no other ingredients.

Still, the more I think of it, the better a Zinger Mead sounds,
though I am not quite sure how to figure the balance of flavors….

Just a thought.



Date: 15 Dec 1992 14:02:04 -0500
From: "Daniel F McConnell" <>
Subject: honey sources

Subject: Time:1:57 PM

OFFICE MEMO honey sources

My partner in crime and I are researching a number of topics that relate to
mead and meadmaking. These include yeast contributions as well as various
aspects on the chemical composition of honey leading to flavor and aroma
differences amoung the varieties. As part of this effort we would like to make
a large number of meads in a short period of time based on a standard (simple)
traditional formula, the only variable being the variety of honey. We would
start to evaluate these after 1 year of bottle age. I am interested in
obtaining 10-15 lb of a number of pure (relative term) honeys, most of which
are not available in Michigan. The most interesting: basswood, lavender,
citrus, sourwood, mesquite, tupelo, fireweed, plus any from a single fruit
source. These would be compared to the more "normal" varieties such as clover,
alfalfa, starthistle, wildflower, and buckwheat.
Does anyone know of a reliable mailorder source for some of the more exotic
varieties? For instance, someone near Yellowstone Park may have a source for
fireweed honey. I've seen orange blossom and mesquite, but what about tupelo?
All results will be published and of interest to all meadmakers.

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