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Lurgishall mead (Spencer W Thomas)
Re: Earle Estates Meadery (Spencer W Thomas)
Adding acid to a finished mead ("Glenn Mountain")
Re: Mead Lover's Digest #627, 29 December 1997 (AKGOURMET)
1997 statistics (Mead Lover's Digest)


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Subject: Lurgishall mead
From: Spencer W Thomas <>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 01:23:14 -0500

Two meads from Lurgishall (or some such spelling) winery in England
recently showed up locally. Both are (IMHO) really nice. In contrast
to most of the US commercial meads, these seem to be properly aged.
Maybe it's just the shipping time. 🙂


Subject: Re: Earle Estates Meadery
From: Spencer W Thomas <>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 01:23:56 -0500

(Not "Early Estates") Web page:

This summer, I visited the retail shop that Earle Estates Meadery
maintains on the west shore of Seneca Lake. For $1 I got to taste
their 12 current products. They make 3 "straight" meads, a number
of fruit wines, and several "melomels". The "melomels" are made by
blending a straight mead with a fruit wine.

A few tasting notes from memory:

Honey Mead Contemporary Dry (3/4% res. sugar, 13% alc v/v)

This mead is "ultra-filtered" resulting in an extremely clean
floral honey aroma and flavor. It is definitely dry,
comparable to a dry white wine. Good for drinking with food.

Honey Mead Traditional (5% res. sugar, 13% alc v/v)

A full-flavored traditional mead. I opened a bottle of this a
few days ago and found it to be on the young side, although
quite drinkable.

Blueberry Wine (3% res. sugar, 7.7% alc v/v)

Wow! Anybody who says you can't get blueberry flavor to come
through a fermentation should taste this puppy. In response
to my exclamation, the woman behind the counter informed me
that this was produced by pressing blueberries only. NO added
water, no added sugar. There is a slight nutmeg character,
which she said came from the seeds.

I note that I also bought the pear wine, so I must have thought it was
pretty good, too. I haven't tasted it recently enough to comment

=Spencer Thomas in Ann Arbor, MI (

Subject: Adding acid to a finished mead
From: "Glenn Mountain" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 18:19:05 -0600

Greetings All,

I have read many references to adding acid blend to a finished mead to give
to balance the sweetness. Makes sense but for one point. How is one to
know how much acid to add ? Is there a certain pH I should be aiming for ?
I have just completed my first two meads (one a raspberry mel) and have
come across this problem. Having not actually tasted a mead before (other
than some sickly sweet commercial examples to which I hope my concoctions
bear no resemblance) I do not yet trust my sense of taste to lead me.

Any clues anyone ??

Glenn Mountain
Melbourne, Australia

Subject: Re: Mead Lover's Digest #627, 29 December 1997
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 15:53:22 EST

I just have a quick question about how this digest works. I've been reading
it for about a month now and I've noticed that the posts are mostly questions

  • — good questions. But I don't see answers very often. Do people reply

directly to the questioners, or are the answers posted somewhere else?

Subject: 1997 statistics
From: (Mead Lover's Digest)
Date: 31 Dec 97 00:26:04 MST (Wed)

For anybody who's interested in the numbers…
Throughout 1997 we've been dancing around 1000 subscribers. The total has
bounced up and down; let's call it 990 +/- 20. Subscription is, of course,
worldwide. Most subscribers are in the US, followed by Australia and Scan-
dinavia. NZ fits in there somewhere. Perhaps surprisingly, UK is way down.

There have been 107 digests (about one every three and a half days, con-
veniently close to twice a week) with the total content being about 1.5 MB.
for the year.

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