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honey proteins ("Daniel F McConnell")

RE Mead Lover's Digest #63 (December 26, 1992) (Joe Kazura)
Saffron? (Mark. Gooley)

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Date: 24 Dec 1992 11:11:46 -0500 
From: "Daniel F McConnell" <>
Subject: honey proteins

Subject: Time:11:02 AM

  OFFICE MEMO honey proteins

Dick Dunn writes:
>but I don't know how much protein there is to be settled out (if any!).

I am currently looking into this question in depth and will report my findings
in the digest. Honey contains many proteins not only amlyase and albumin.
Concentrations vary by source. Many of the articles that I have found are in
German, Russian and Polish. Apparently little research has been done in the
US. I can read German, and have a translator for Russian, but Polish is a
serious problem for me. Can anyone out there translate Scientific Polish?
Here is a partial reference list:

Marshall T Williams KM
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  complex biological matrix by silver staining.
Anal Biochem 1987 Dec;167(2):301-3

TSchlettwein-Gsell D Mommsen-Straub S
Spurenelemente in Lebensmitteln. VI. Kupfer.
Int J Vitam Nutr Res 1971;41(4):554-82 (Published in German)

Gensitskii IP
O fermentativnom gidrolize sakharozy v pehelinom mede.
Vopr Pitan 1968 May-Jun;27(3):90-1 (Published in Russian)

Hotzel D
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Z Ernahrungswiss 1990;29 Suppl 1:53-61 (Published in German)

Andrelowicz A Kotlarek J
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Przyczynek do oceny miodow na podstawie stratu bialkowo-jodowego.
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Bergner KG Diemair S
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  origin of honey-proteins (author's transl)]
Proteine des Bienenhonigs. II. Gelchromatographie, enzymatische

  Aktivitat und Herkunft von Bienenhonig-Proteinen
Z Lebensm Unters Forsch 1975 Feb 7;157(1):7-13 (Published in German)

Bergner KG Diemair S
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  honey (author's transl)]
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Z Lebensm Unters Forsch 1975 Feb 7;157(1):1-6 (Published in German)

Stadelmeier M Bergner KG
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  various kinds of honey]
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  Amylase verschiedener Honigsorten.
Z Lebensm Unters Forsch 1986 Jan;182(1):25-8 (Published in German)

Happy Holidays


  Every great oak was once a nut that stood its ground-Anon

Date:    Mon, 28 Dec 1992 9:35:48 -0500 (EST) 
Subject: RE: Mead Lover's Digest #63 (December 26, 1992)

I had posted a few (2) issues back, asking about what yeasties would eat…

Will they go after the pulp of fruits (et al) or just the sweet juice?

I know humans can't digest the fiber, but microbes sometime can.

This all boils down to the fact that I just got a juicer and it pruduces great
PUR juice and lots of fresh smelling pulp…


Do I want to use both the pulp and juice or just the juice?


Joe Kazura

Happy Holidays – Don't drink and drive!

Date: Sat, 2 Jan 93 15:22:26 MST 
From: Mark. Gooley <>
Subject: Saffron?

I believe that saffron is an ingredient of Chartreuse. Anyone know of its
use in mead, a suggested amount, time to add it, etc.?

Certainly expensive, but perhaps not insanely so if not much is needed.


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