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Re:Meaderies (Robin Garr)
(gathering) list of commercial meads (Dick Dunn)

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Date: 23 Jan 93 10:08:49 EST 
From: Robin Garr <76702.764@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Re:Meaderies

Speaking of meaderies, the Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Ind., which makes a
wide variety of grape wines (some from Indiana grapes, others from juice
trucked in from California) has produced a mead as a mainstay of its
inventory for many years.

I won't say it's a GOOD mead. It tastes pretty much like a cheap Chardonnay.
But the Indiana University students who make up a good portion of Oliver's
market drink a bunch of it.

Surprisingly enough, the rolling hills of Southern Indiana, where people
have Southern accents and Southern attitudes, is home to a small but
thriving bunch of mom'n'pop wineries. It'll never be a threat to Northern
California, but if you're in the region, especially on a beautiful autumn
day, a wine tour can be an unexpectedly delightful way to while away an

Oliver Wine Co. Inc.
8024 N. Hwy 37
Bloomington, Ind. 47401

Oliver's founder, by the way, is a retired IU law professor, a home
winemaker who went commercial in 1972.

Disclaimer: I have no commercial interest in Oliver or the Southern Indiana
wine industry. Or any other, come to think of it.

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Date: 23 Jan 93 23:36:55 MST (Sat) 
From: (Dick Dunn)
Subject: (gathering) list of commercial meads

It seems that there isn't a good list of commercial meads. However, some
folks have sent info to the list; a few others have sent me email. I'll
gather and organize the info as it comes in, and send it back to this list
once I'm done.

My first impression is that the number of commercial meads available today
is, if anything, smaller than it was a decade ago.

Dick Dunn -or- raven!rcd Boulder, Colorado USA

…Relax…don't worry…have a homebrew. (or home-mead:-)

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