Mead Lover's Digest #80 Fri 29 January 1993

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Apologies folks (COYOTE)

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Date: 28 Jan 1993 09:33:28 -0600 (MDT) 
Subject: Apologies folks

Just read my message of yesterday.
Sorry for all the carriage returns!
Tried a different way of uploading the message. Hmmmm. Not the way to go!

UPDATE: I juiced 10 lb of pears and got 1 gallon of juice, and about 1/3 gal
of pulp. I decided to place the pulp in a bag, pear juice and 3 gallons of
cider in the primary bucket. Campden and pectic enzyme were added.
This evening I'll heat up some honey for the last gallon.
I will probably add more honey/+or cider at transferring time.

When the pears wer juiced I added two limes (thru the juicer) to add some
ascorbic acid. They really added a pronounced flavor! The juice/pulp
had already started browning. I guess the rinds got well pulped.
It was pleasant tasting juice. It will be hard to wait for this one!

I triend a bottle of my Peach wine last night.
It still has quite a bit of haze to it. I will try bentonite one more time.
It is VERY dry. This bottle had some lactose added to sweeten it up.
How much sugar do people add to sweeten a very dry ferment?
I guess it's by taste, but I'd be curious about and ranges of averages
anyone has. Thanx in advance.

Oh, I picked up some snowberry honey. Anyone have any experience with
snowberry? I wanted to try something other that clover.

L8r. John Wyllie

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