Mead Lover's Digest #81 Sat 30 January 1993

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Ethiopian T'ej ("Daniel F McConnell")

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Date: 29 Jan 1993 09:42:48 -0500 
From: "Daniel F McConnell" <>
Subject: Ethiopian T'ej

Subject: Time:9:39 AM

OFFICE MEMO Ethiopian T'ej

Last night's (wed) Ann Arbor News ran a review on The Blue Nile an Ethiopian
restaurant. The item that grabbed my interest was: …..An Ethiopian meal is
an interesting and pleasing affair, beginning with T'ej or Ethiopian honey
wine. The wine's subtle sweetness complements the food's spices……

Well, now I'm on a mission to visit this place. In the meantime is anyone
familiar with this form of mead? From others I have asked, the drink is light,
off-dry and fresh. I've never seen it available retail, but I've never been in
an Ethiopian grocery either.


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