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Belgian Ale Wyeast & honey (Jacob Galley)

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Date: Sun, 7 Feb 93 17:56:29 CST
From: Jacob Galley <>
Subject: Belgian Ale Wyeast & honey

Someone was interested in making a mead with Belgian Ale Wyeast,
because of the fruity esters it produces. I have a rather strange
metheglin aging right now, in which I used this yeast. I haven't used
it in a beer yet, so I have no comparison, but it has produced a very
strange roughly bubble-gum-ish flavor. Maybe this is because the
fermentables were from honey and not grain? (My knowledge of the
sugars involved is foggy, but I remember that they are different.)
Anyway, this is a flavor which needs to mellow out before the stuff is
worth bottling.

I'd better summarize the recipe, because there are plenty of other
things that might have produced this strange flavor: buckwheat honey
(~8 lbs / 5 gal, did not ferment completely, btw, semi-sweet), juniper
berries, rosemary, thyme, pu–erh tea. (I posted the whole recipe a
couple months ago.) I think I'm going to add an infusion of something
a little more normal, because this stuff tastes like nothing else I've

I'm still open to suggestions — no one replied last time I asked.


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