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WLP720-sweet mead yeast (Warren Place)
Pumpkin Mead? (Tim Jones)
Re: MLD #885 MEADERY ("Shaggyman")
bad precedent for commercial meaderies (Tim Bray)
Chocolate mint ("Peter Angus")
old honey ("Advanced Trainers")
No Fermentation ("Charles W. Beaver")
Re: Mead Lover's Digest #885, 26 November 2001 (Jim Johnston)


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Subject: WLP720-sweet mead yeast
From: Warren Place <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 15:11:54 -0800 (PST)

Does anybody have any experience with the sweet mead yeast from White
labs? It seems to ferment very slowly at 70F.

Warren Place

Subject: Pumpkin Mead?
From: Tim Jones <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 20:23:16 -0500

Hey All:

I'm new to this list and have never attempted to ferment Mead before, but
am interested in learning more. I have become keen on the idea of
attempting to brew Pumpkin Mead, which is to say fermenting a batch of Mead
inside of a pumpkin. I have found some vague instructions:
but I'm not sure if this would actually work. Does anybody on this list
have any experience with this they could share? Any words of wisdom on the
subject would be much appreciated!

And if I go through with this I'll be sure to let y'all know how it turns
out! Many thanks in advance,
=Timmy Jones=

Subject: Re: MLD #885  MEADERY
From: "Shaggyman" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 21:16:21 -0600

Umm, what can I say? We have blatently infringed on someone's registered
We eagerly await notification of legal action from RMM's attorneys.

Lane O. Locke
Operations Manager
Herne's Glen Meadery, LLC
Garden City, Mo

Who do you serve?
Who do you trust?


Subject: bad precedent for commercial meaderies
From: Tim Bray <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 22:48:23 -0800

Regarding the "Meadery" trademark issue, here is some information a friend
came across:

>Note the former jobs of the two principals.


>Rocky Mountain Meadery opened its doors for business on May 27, 1995.
>Colorado's first and only Meadery is owned and operated by Fred and Connie
>Strothman. They "retired" to the Grand Junction area in 1993 after leaving
>separate careers in law and travel in Denver, and have enjoyed a warm
>reception from Grand Valley residents. The Meadery is currently producing
>Honey Wine, known as Mead, and Honey Wine blended with fruit wines. They
>also produce carbonated Hard Ciders, Apple and Pear, as well as a new
>series of Port-style wines known as "Velvets."


This was from a Web listing describing their business.

Attempting to enforce the trademark on a word like "meadery" does sound
like the sort of thing only a lawyer could love, eh? Or a retired one…
Albion Works
Furniture, Clothing, and Accesories
For the Medievalist!

Subject: Chocolate mint
From: "Peter Angus" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 17:05:59 +1100


I was wondering if anyone knew of mead recipes which include chocolate mint
(Mentha x piperita)?
I've heard it can be very nice but I'm not sure how to make use of it best.

Peter Angus
Victoria, Australia

Subject: old honey
From: "Advanced Trainers" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:29:15 -0600

Hi folks, just joined today, i have not checked the archives yet but
thought i would put this one outthere.
A lady i know has a store she took over, while cleaning up & shifting
things about she came across a box that had some containers of honey in
it, when she asked the old owner, he said that was liquid honey when he
got it over a year ago, but when it hardened up people didn't buy it
anymore, so he put it in back and used a few for his tea.
Now can i still use this to make a honeywine/mead?
Thanks Shawn

Subject: No Fermentation
From: "Charles W. Beaver" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 15:00:35 -0600

Hi All,
I'm an experienced brewer, and new mead maker. I have one batch about 2
weeks old. Here's the particulars:

16 lb agave and orange blossom honey in 5 gall with nutrients and acid blend
accompanying the kit.
Pitched with 1 each Wyeast XL packages (activated) of sweet and dry mead
yeast at 78 degrees. Aerated with oxygen for 2 minutes.

The problem: after 2 days a VERY weak fermentation developed and then quit
after 2 more days. Gravity was over 1.1. I then pitched 2 pkg of Lalvin
champagne yeast after rehydration and again got a weak fermentation that
again has stopped.

>From reading archives the only thing I can come up with is a pH problem.

Any idea?


Subject: Re: Mead Lover's Digest #885, 26 November 2001
From: Jim Johnston <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 17:20:09 -0600

Hello to all,

No, I am not a legal expert, nor do I play one on TV. The upsetting
thing about the trademarking of "meadery" is the potential damage to
the entire industry. Here in WI, we have a couple of wineries that
produce mead, White Winter is dedicated entirely to it and makes some
truly wonderful products. They use winery in their name I believe
because the average consumer simply does not know what a "meadery"
is. I would drink their meads no matter what Jon chose to name them.
Yet, to trademark the name "meadery" is simply preposterous, and
clearly shows the ignorance of the state employee that issued the

In the brewing industry, Anchor Brewing trademarked the "Steam Beer"
style name, damaging the ability of any other breweries to produce
this once prevalent style (and showing the arrogance of Fritz Maytag
in the process). Yet, this trademark has stood up to court
challenges in the past, showing that our illustrious legal system
simply acts without regard for history, especially linguistic and
cultural history. The victory goes to those who can afford the best

So, what course of action to take? Boycott the product? Show up at
their doorstep with torches and pitchforks? Write nasty letters to
the Governor of Colorado that will remain unread? Will our voices be

Jim Johnston,
Trying to make sense of man and his fermentables.

  • –Jim

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