Mead Lover's Digest #92 Sat 06 March 1993

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["Stephen Hansen": Mead Lovers Digest archive] (John Dilley)

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Date: Fri, 05 Mar 93 08:57:44 -0800
From: John Dilley <>
Subject: ["Stephen Hansen": Mead Lovers Digest archive]

Stephen Hansen has been kind enough to set up listserver access

to the Mead Lover's digest archive. Following is the welcome message
all new users get these days; it includes a brief note about how to
access the listserver. You will find this useful if you do not have
Internet access and can not or do not wish to access the BBS systems
that have an archive of the Mead Lover's Digest. Regards,

— jad —

Welcome to the mailing list. I've added

you to as per your recent request. The digest is currently running on
the same terms as the Home Brew Digest (HBD). As with the HBD, please
send your articles to the digest address, Send
administrative requests (for addition to or removal from the list) to
the request address,

Enclosed below is information on how to retrieve back issues of

the Mead Lovers Digest or the README file for the MLD. We have three
Mead Lovers Digest archive sites, thanks to the gracious efforts of
Stephen Hansen, Daniel Vachon, and John DeCarlo. There is also a
listserver automated mail system which can serve requests for archive
information. Instructions on how to use the listserver follow my
signature below. Please use the listserver to retrieve the MLD README
file to help you come up to speed with the digest. The archives are:

  • Internet FTP site:, anon FTP, pub/mead/.
  • BBS site: Rocky Mountain MIDI Systems BBS, (303) 287-5274 (HST).
  • BBS site: No Tarmac Brewing, 703-525-3715, V.32bis, Fidonet 1:109/131
  • Listserver: See access instructions below

Enjoy the Mead Lover's Digest, and "Wassail"! (see README 🙂

— jad —
John A. Dilley <>

Listserver Access:

A listserver is available for those of you without ftp access. The
listserver looks for certain commands in the body of a mail message and
mails help information or requested files back to the originator. The
listserver software on Sierra only supports the HELP, INDEX, and GET
commands and should be used in the following manner. (NOTE: This
software is VERY picky.)

The standard for internet text messages (rfc822 if you care) says that
a mail message consists of two parts, a header (consisting of lines
like To:, From:, Subject:, etc.), and the body. The end of the message
header and the start of the message body is indicated by a blank line.
The only line in the header that the listserver cares about is the

From: or Reply-To: line, so the
Subject: and other header lines are


The listserver expects that the body of the message contains only
listserver requests. If it sees anything that it doesn't recognize it
will generate an error message and stop processing the message at that
point. Several people have mail utilities that generate special memo
format lines at the top of the message body. These confuse the
listserver and cause it to reject the message. Other people put one or
more signature lines at the end of the message. Since these lines are
at the end of the message they don't stop the listserver from
successfully processing the requests but they will cause it to generate
an error message (both to you and to me). To avoid this you should
follow the convention that says that signature lines are preceded by a
line beginning with two dashes (–).

All but a few files may be retreived via mail by sending a request to
the listserver at listserv@Sierra.Stanford.EDU. If you haven't used
the listserver before I recommend that you first ask for the help
file. Send a message to the listserver consisting of the word help on
a line by itself.


The directory structure containing the mead lovers archive files
appears to be very different for listserver access so one should use
the INDEX command to get a copy of the names of available files. To
get a listing of the files available from the mead lovers archive put
the following on a line by itself.


To get files from the archives you need to send one or more lines
like the following:

GET MEAD filename

where "filename" is one of the files listed by the INDEX MEAD command.

Here's an example of a request for the mead lovers index file and a
copy of the index file for the Digests in 1993.

        To: listserv@sierra.Stanford.EDU        
Subject: (not required)

index mead
get mead 1993.index


If you have a problem with or questions about the listserver that are
not answered by the above, send mail to


End of Mead Lover's Digest