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Wine yeast alternative (LJ Vitt)
Cyser pronounciation (DOUG BAILEY)
Mead Day–August 3rd ("Paul Gatza")


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Subject: Wine yeast alternative
From: LJ Vitt <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 06:17:29 -0700 (PDT)

David asked about wine yeast alternatives to sweet and dry mead yeast.

I'm providing two dry wine yeast suggestions:

I have been told Red Star Cote de Blanc and sweet mead are both
variations of epernay (sp?). I have used both and they seem close
enough for this to be true.

I have frequently used Lalvin 71B-1122. It does leave some sweetness
but not as much as the sweet mead yeast.

Dry champaign yeast is popular with some. I tried it. I don't
like the "hot" effect I got. "Hot" meaning the alcohol is so strong
you have a warm mouth feel. This OG of this mead was 1.110.

I'm not sure how long you can store dry wine yeast. But a year is
not a problem in refriguration. The cost of dry yeast is quite a lot
lower that liquid. I don't attempt to re-use it like I would for
liquid yeast.

I'm a little surprised your homebrew supply store doesn't carry dry
wine yeast. I think every store I have visited has this.
Shipping should be very low on such small items, so you might consider
ordering from one of the well known mail order suppliers.

Leo Vitt
Rochester MN

Subject: Cyser pronounciation
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 10:58:25 +1200

In response to Geoffrey's query, I can act all knowledgable because
after being in his position I did a little research:

Cyser is from the Latin 'sicera' meaning 'strong drink' and in this
respect it seems that the etymology of both 'cyser' and 'cider' is
similar. Pronounciation, too, is similar: Cyser = 'Si-ser' as
Cider = 'Si-der'.

Anyone interested in the etymology of other names?


Doug Bailey – /
348 Heretaunga Street West
Hastings, New Zealand.
Phone: 64 – 6 – 876 8787

Subject: Mead Day--August 3rd
From: "Paul Gatza" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 09:39:19 -0600

Hi everyone. Mead Day is fast approaching on the first Saturday of August.
In an effort to get more AHA members and homebrewers interested in making
and enjoying mead, former board of advisor member Ed Busch suggested we have
a day to celebrate mead like we do to celebrate National Homebrew Day and an
occasion to simultaneously brew. We invited Dick Dunn to provide this
initial recipe in an effort to recognize his work with the mead community
and to point current AHA members toward the Mead Lovers Digest. Dick has
generously offered a recipe if you would like to make mead on Mead Day.
Follow the details here:

If you are unable to brew a batch of mead this Saturday, I suggest that each
of us think about mead or sample some on this coming Saturday. If anyone is
in the Boulder, Colorado area this coming weekend, we'll be doing some
pre-Mead Day sampling up at the Sunshine Meadery (that's my house) about 6
miles west of Boulder on Friday evening (August 2) starting around 6 for the
weekly Sunshine Happy Hour. Bring camping gear to allow for a greater range
of sampling. Email me for directions if you are interested.

Paul Gatza
Director–American Homebrewers Association
Director–Institute for Brewing Studies
Association of Brewers
736 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO 80302
ph: +1.303.447.0816 ext. 122
fax: +1.303.447.2825

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