Mead Lover's Digest #97 Sun 14 March 1993

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A few beginner questions (Gregory Owen)

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Date: Sat, 13 Mar 93 04:41:56 EST
From: (Gregory Owen)
Subject: A few beginner questions

Hi there, meaders!

I would like to try homebrewing, both mead and beer, but mead first.
I would like to ask you all for some advice on setting up:

  1. The brew-supply catalog I have lists a "five gallon beer brewing
    kit" with a 10 gallon primary fermenter, 5 gallon glass fermenter,
    lock, syphon and blowby, hydrometer, and assorted ingredients. The
    recipe I plan to follow for mead asks for 2-5 gallon carboys (from
    the wassail book, by Gayre and Papazian). I assume the 10 gallon
    is one of those white plastic buckets. Is this acceptable? Can I
    use the plastic bucket for the first stage, and the carboy for the
    second? vice versa?
  2. Will the beer ingredients (can of malt, dried malt, water salt,
    hops and yeasts) stay well? i.e., can I take a few months to make
    mead and still have the stuff be good? I'm assuming so, but am not
  3. Will an ordinary cooking thermometer, like the one used for making
    candy, do?

I appreciate any help you can give me.


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