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Newbie questions. (COYOTE)
A few beginner questions (Gregory Owen)

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Date: 15 Mar 1993 10:23:50 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Newbie questions.

From: (Gregory Owen)
Subject: A few beginner questions

I would like to try homebrewing, both mead and beer, but mead first.
** Try the beer kit part first. It is quicker and you can be sampling
** the beer while you wait for the mead to age. Also- better to aquaint
** yourself with the methods/techniques- generally learning to be sterile
** with a product finished in 2-3 weeks, vs. one you will be waiting on the
** order of 6 months for!

…recipe I plan to follow for mead asks for 2-5 gallon carboys (from

the wassail book, by Gayre and Papazian). I assume the 10 gallon
is one of those white plastic buckets. Is this acceptable? Can I
use the plastic bucket for the first stage, and the carboy for the
second? vice versa?

** Plan on a 5 gallon batch. You can use the bucket as the primary
** especially if you have fruit in the must, then transfer to the glass
** carboy for the secondary. If you want to do 10 gallons get 2 carboys.
** Alternatively- get a second carboy- do the mead into one, beer into the
** other! 😉

  1. Will the beer ingredients (can of malt, dried malt, water salt,
    hops and yeasts) stay well?

** Keep the hops sealed in a bag in the freezer- store the yeast in the
** fridge. You'll be fine.

  1. Will an ordinary cooking thermometer, like the one used for making
    candy, do?

** Depends on the temp range. You want to cover from room temperature
** through boiing. F or C will do.

J. Wyllie (The Coyote)

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