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Watering it down (Alida Dunning)
Peach Mango Mead Rcp. ("James, Trevor")


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Subject: Watering it down
From: Alida Dunning <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 21:45:21 -0800

Hey there
I've had a great season for making mead: coconut, pineapple, dandelion,
mango, and rose petal.
My question: The rhodomel seems pretty syrupy. I'll let it go a lot longer
before it is done, but it got me wondering if it is Ok to add water after
the secondary fermentation to make it less syrupy. I'm not into sweet meads.
I used lalvin D-47. I try to go for dry meads. I made a batch a few years
ago with my neighbor who likes a high alcohol content. We made a "punch"
flavor using cherry, strawberry, raspberry and fireweed blossom. I liked to
add up to 50% water when serving. It really made it more drinkable and
brought out the fruit flavors.
So I'm curious about what would happen if I added say another gallon of
water to the five gallon batch, abut a month old now, and then let it sit to
complete any additional fermentation before bottling.
Any thoughts?

Subject: Peach Mango Mead Rcp.
From: "James, Trevor" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 11:23:14 -0400

My daughter is looking for me to do up a Peach/Mango Melomel.

I am looking at doing aobut 1 Gal batch (never do more than a gallon
until you have something you like is my rule)

so probabably 1 gal of water 2lbs (1kg) of clover honey, but how much
peach/manog would the experts recommend.

Thanks in advance.

T. James

From: German Ponce <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 07:40:04 -0700


I?m a chilean student looking for some information I could not find and
probably you can help.

It was impossible for me to now what its the consumer profile of mead

in the US, that its some important information I have to now about for my
final work.
any other information about comercial stuff in the US i?ll be glad if you
let me now.


sincerely thanks

German Ponce P. Santiago, Chile.

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