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Advice on back sweetening (Steve Scoville)


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Subject: Mead-a-ling with the Scoville Scale
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 12:07:09 -0400

Steve S wrote:
> Subject: Relatively new to mead making, need advice on "back sweetening"
> From: Steve Scoville <>
> Can anyone give me advice on the mechanics, methods, and amounts to use when
> adding honey back to a mead that has finished fermenting and has been
> stabilized with potassium sorbate?

My Advice is that with a last name like "Scoville"…you should mix up a
batch of Capsicumel im-mead-iately!!! LOL! Now that's an eye-roller!

Subject: Bud scientific
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 18:56:17 -0400

>At minimum, can we see the benefit of some experimentation in some aspects
of meadmaking?
>I always think of Budweiser and others who have most likely spent millions
>of dollars on research into the most esoteric aspects of fermentation, etc.
>To belittle this research by saying that I make perfectly fine beer at home
>seems to me to be short-sighted. There is most likely some benefit that come
>out of this research, even if it only extends the shelf life a few weeks.

I just think it's funny you brought up Budweiser as an example of
scientific perfection in brewing…bleeechhh! Beer for people with all the
palate of a 2×4. I'm glad Stella bought'em out…maybe the'll start
producing some decent suds. I know it's the most popular beer in America,
that's because most of the people who drink it are people who care more
about getting drunk than taste. Bud killed a good Pilsner recipe by adding
way too much cheap rice adjunct and relabled it "The Great American Lager!"
I love the fact that they have always prided themselves with their
"beechwood aged" bull, when beechwood imparts absolutely no flavor or body
to the brew…it simply acts as a place for the yeast to settle and lager.

Subject: Advice on back sweetening
From: Steve Scoville <>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 12:06:54 -0500

My thanks to Ken Taborek for responding to questions about back sweetening.
We "newbies" need guidance!

Ken, please send me your email address directly to I would like to follow up on your comments
without cluttering up the digest.


Steve (The Earl of Sorta) Scoville

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