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chamomile question ("Butcher, Steven")
Blast From The Past (Alex Flinsch)

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Subject: chamomile question
From: "Butcher, Steven" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 09:24:49 -0400

Louis LeBlanc wrote:

"I've used this honey, yeast and nutrient in the past with no such effect,
so I'm laying blame on the chamomile.

Is this the kind of thing I can address with acid blend? What effect will
clarifying the mead have on this?"

I'm guessing the "soapy" mouthfeel did indeed come from the large amount
of chamomile; 40 bags as you say. Perhaps residual oils in the chamomile,
that may not be noticeable in small quantities, have become more pronounced.
Of course, there could also be something wrong with the batch of chamomile
you were using or something that they use during the processing of the
product that has steeped its way into your mead. It is hard to say.

As far as tinkering with the acid blend, IMO that won't work since it will
affect the balance and not the mouthfeel.

I'm not sure using a clarifying agent will work either, since that would
only serve to clear particulate and not any type of oily or soapy residue.
I could be wrong on this…but that's just what I think.

You may be able to counter the soapy mouthfeel by boosting the
body…maybe??? Don't know…kind of grasping at straws, here but…maybe
backsweetening and making the mead less dry would help???

Oh, and since you were thinking about trying clarifying agents…if I were
to try any at all in this case, it would be gelatin. Gelatin has the effect
of not only clarifying, but boosting body and having an effect on mouthfeel.

That's all I got. Sorry. Just some of my ideas.

Stevie B. in FLA

Subject: Blast From The Past
From: Alex Flinsch <>
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2009 17:33:06 -0400

A long time ago (MLD# 348 to be exact) I posted a recipe for a
raspberry mead that I had recently bottled. The raspberries were
picked by my (at the time 3 1/2 year old twins) while visiting my
wife's cousin's farm in Illinois. Most of the bottles were consumed in
the following 2 years, but I saved the last bottle to be opened
whenever we got back to visit.

It finally happened on June 27th 2009 — almost 15 years since the
berries were originally picked.


The final bottle which had been tucked in the back of my beer fridge
for the past 12 years was phenomenal, the final addition of sugar had
undergone a slight malolactic fermentation while being stored and
ended up being about as sweet as a typical pino grigio, none of the
other bottles did that.

This time we picked 4 gallons of berries

Alex / AB2RC
Homebrewing radios and libations

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