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Report on a Sour Mead (
New to making mead (Peter Matra)

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Subject: Report on a Sour Mead
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 20:14:53 EDT

A colleague in my LHBC specializes in brewing sour ale. A little
more than a year ago, I gave him 15 lbs of Raspberry Honey. Six
months ago he gave me two gallons that was at least six months old.
It had a heavy fusel aroma and two ounces of it gave me a hell of
a hangover headache. It has been in gallon jugs with air-locks
since then. I racked both jugs on Monday. The fusel aroma is
still there and so is "morning-after" headache even with about a
half an ounce

Has anyone else made a sour Mead? If so, what was your experience
with the fusel alcohol?


Richard D. Adams, CPA (Retired)
Ellicott City, Maryland

Subject: New to making mead
From: Peter Matra <>
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 23:45:25 -0400

Hi everyone,

So as stated in the subject I am new to making mead. I made some 15
years ago that turned out 'ok' but now I want to attempt to create
something 'good' 🙂 I noticed on the website that there are several
books listed and I don't want to order all 5 of them. What book would
you suggest I buy for a first time brewer? Obviously I plan to start off
simple, but a book that is all encompassing from beginner to more
complicated brews would be good.

Is there a repository of recipes?


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