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Re: Buttered Honey-ala Malolactic Ferment (Dick Dunn)
New to mead ("David Peters")
Flavoring with coffee (Kevin Kurkul)
Color Change? ("")
Rose Mead/Rhodomel question ("leo Knisely")

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Subject: Re: Buttered Honey-ala Malolactic Ferment
From: Dick Dunn <>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 09:55:33 -0600

Brad and Annie Green <> wrote:

> > So, I have searched the archives for the answer to this and have come up
> > with a whole lotta not much! As far as Malolactic Fermentation goes, do
> > many mead makers do this?…

Probably not many because there isn't any malic acid in honey. You'd
either need to add something with malic acid–e.g., apple, as in making
a cyser–or add straight malic acid. (But then why add something you're
just going to break down?)

> >…It seems that "butter" and honey would go well
> > together (at least on toast) so it would seem that a MLF would be a good
> > choice for it too…

ML bacteria don't give a buttery flavor as such. Simplifying, they just
convert malic acid to lactic acid. This "softens" the taste because lactic
acid is only half as acidic as malic. (There are some flavor notes added
as a result of the ML bacterial action, but they're really minor.)

If you're thinking of the "buttery" taste of some white wines which have
gone through MLF, that's mainly from fermenting and/or aging in oak.

Dick Dunn Hygiene, Colorado USA

Subject: New to mead
From: "David Peters" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 17:51:34 -0400

I too am new to mead making and have Ken's book I purchased several years
ago. I looked through it when first purchased But, have not had time to get
back to it. I would like to quick start a basic mead.

I recently purchased a gallon of Raspberry Honey from a local purveyor. I
am looking to make this into a mead that is not completely dry, but
definitely not sweet.

I would appreciate help with a basic recipe including nutrient schedule,
preparing the honey, minimal sulphiting, typical racking schedule and any
other info to produce a starter mead.


David Peters

Subject: Flavoring with coffee
From: Kevin Kurkul <>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 14:37:12 -0400

Hello everyone,

I'm currently brewing my second round of mead, a 5 gallon batch using tupelo
honey. My plan is to break it down into 1 gallon batches after primary
fermentation so that I can flavor each gallon with a different combination
of homemade vanilla extract, mulling spices and coffee. I'm wondering if
anyone has experience with coffee in mead and could let me know how they
flavored it. I'm afraid to put ground beans directly in because I spend most
of my time away at college so I can't monitor how much flavor it is
imparting on the mead. Right now I'm planning to cold brew some of the
coffee and add that in increments. Any tips for using coffee or the other
two flavors would really help.

Kevin Kurkul

Subject: Color Change?
From: "" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 13:28:10 GMT

Has anyone ever experienced a drastic darkening of your mead after you rack
it? I experienced it recently and am not quite sure what to think. It was a
sort of a gold and not it is dark amber. Not quite sure what happened. Can
anyone explain? I'd think that maybe it oxidized but I don't have a good
sense for oxidized flavor.

Subject: Rose Mead/Rhodomel question
From: "leo Knisely" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 09:54:11 -0500

I am trying to start my first batch of Rhodomel and have come up with a
couple of question I cannot seem to find an answer to

1 – How does measure a pint of rose petals? I understand a pound but hows
does that equate to a pint, quart, or gallon?

2 – Are dry or fresh petals better/stronger tasting

3 – Does the color of the petal make a difference in the taste?

Thank you in advance for any answers/help

Leo Knisely

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