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Mead making Question ("Gregory Cude")
Mushroom Mel??? (Robert Lewis)

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Subject: Mead making Question
From: "Gregory Cude" <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 22:19:21 -0500

Does anyone use yeast extract as nutrient supplement instead of Fermaid,
DAP, etc., ie. Inorganic nutrient sources. Does it strongly influence the
flavor of the resulting mead. Where can you get it in the appropriate form
for mead making.

If this is not the right way to submit questions, please set me straight. I
couldn't tell from the introductory info I received.

Subject: Mushroom Mel???
From: Robert Lewis <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 19:49:58 -0400

No, this really isn't spam…

i generally do meads in cycles, i get one batch of yeast going on a nice
bland honey, in a week, i rack, and pitch a new mead on top of the
sedement, i run both 1 gal, and 3 gal batches as space is limited,
just having started the second run, a mullberry mel, i brought it into the
kitchen, and to my pleasure, in less than a day it is vigorously
now my question. 7:45, and i just got home, thoughts of making dinner,
and i opened the container of dried mushrooms… and looked at the mead,
and i was filled with the desire to pitch a mushroom mead once the mulberry
is racked. (i imagine this could realistically only be used for cooking,
but imagine the possibilities) Veil braised in shitakie Melomel….
i did a capsumel (hot pepper) mead once, and was kinda disappointed, but
who knows…. i have had vodka with pepper corns…
any thoughts?

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