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Re: Introduction and question… etc (Mike Faul)

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Subject: Re: Introduction and question... etc
From: Mike Faul <>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 12:18:17 -0800

(several answers to multiple responses)

Your vinometer is useless unless the wine is absolutely dry. Period.

You can use a hydrometer but ideally you need one that is graduated with
very fine graduations. I use four that are broken down into three major
ranges and on lower range that is much more accurate. Also, a
hydrometer won't give you an accurate reading at 20% abv either as they
are not calibrated for solutions with alcohol either.

I also use an ebulliometer for final alcohol measurement as well a lab
distillation setup for much more accurate determination. If you have
$20-30K kicking around you can get yourself an Anton-Paar setup like

Regarding the correct terminology, brewing, making etc are all okay. I
don't think there is a proper word and certainly I wouldn't complain if
anyone asked me if I 'brew' 'vint' or 'make' mead. If I use extract to
brew a braggot, I'm not 'extracting' so is it brewing or making?

Either way who cares? Just keep on making mead or variants of mead and
have fun.

rabbit's foot meadery

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