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Simple Times for Simple Minds ("Henke, Carol A")

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Subject: Simple Times for Simple Minds
From: "Henke, Carol A" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 10:03:02 -0600

I have been reading the Mead Lover's Digest for years. I have been tempted
to comment but have not. I guess I'm getting 'braver' in my old age!

I am making a confession to you all: I don't care one bit about the alcohol
content, percentages, proper naming conventions or adding in any chemicals
or additives. I was taught to brew mead (as we like to call it) by an old
druid and I have been pleased with the results and so have my friends so
I just can't be concerned with the science of it all. I like to keep it
simple and fun! So far my only true failure has been a one gallon batch
of pumpkin spice mead which I added way too much spices and it became a
syrup instead, a really gross syrup! I did not even attempt to ferment it.

My very unscientific procedure: First we have a brewing party. Snacks
are served with mead from prior brewing. I do boil the water, throw
in the honey (1:4 ratio) and any spices or flavorings I am using, and
grapefruit juice. After cooling I add the yeast. I have experimented here
a bit with the dry wine, sweet wine and specialty sweet mead yeasts $$$.
My friends like it sweet so I spent the bucks for the sweet mead yeasties.
Then everything goes into the carboys with the vapor locks filled with
vodka for three months. After that time the yeast has stopped, then I
have a bottling party. Of course everyone has to taste the mead to make
sure we want to bottle it. Normally this tasting causing a bigger mess

  • – by the end of the evening there is mead dripped all over my kitchen –

but it's fun and everyone gets to take home their share of the bounty.

My favorite mead has been with hibiscus flowers, with extra dark brown sugar.

I do take note on what you guys are using as flavoring in your meads and
the quantities of fruit you use, just in case I want to do a fruity mead.
I would drive you guys crazy with my simplistic attitudes!

Thanks for the great information over the years!
>From the little town of Sandia, Texas

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