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Predictability of sweet mead yeast ("Wout Klingens")


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Subject: Predictability of sweet mead yeast
From: "Wout Klingens" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 16:26:35 +0100

I couldn't find the answer to this question directly, so forgive me, if this
question has been answered somewhere.
Please give me a link if it is.
I am considering trying Wyeast Sweet Mead yeast 4184.
I'd like a sweet mead with a FG of around 1.040.
According to Wyeast labs this yeast has an alcohol tolerance of 11% ABV.
Is reasonable to assume, that with an SG of 1.130 I get a sweet mead of
around 10% ABV and a FG of 1.040?
Any experience with this yeast in terms of predictability?
Thanks a lot.

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