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I've got a problem getting fermentation to start again. (John Daly)
Green Honey (Sam Corpuz)


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Subject: I've got a problem getting fermentation to start again.
From: John Daly <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 00:59:41 -0400

This is my second batch of mead. The first, which I opened in March, was
ok, but it had oxidized. While I have acquired a taste for it, my goal for
the next batch was to avoid oxydaiton. Between the meads, I made some cyser
and every time I racked it, I topped it off with some more unfermented
juice, poured in some Lalvin EC-1118 and watched it start bubbling in a few
days. The purpose was to have the CO2 push the oxygen out of the airlock,
thus avoiding oxidation.

No such luck for the next batch of mead however. I started about 3 weeks
ago with a gallon of light honey in 4 gal.s of water. Added EC-1118 and the
initial fermentation was far more vigorous then anything I had ever seen.
In about 8 days, it was done, down to less then 1% sugar. So far so good.

But then I opened the pail to rack it, get rid of the lees and add 2
quarts of peaches that I had parboiled, skinned and sliced, as well as 24
crushed mint leaves. Opening the pail, of course, caused me to loose the
CO2 layer. So I separated out about 1 pint of the new mead and mixed in
about 3/4 of a pound of buckwheat honey, and more EC-1118. It was bubbling
the next day in the 1/2 gallon jar I had mixed it in, so I poured it back
into the pail the next day. By that afternoon it was bubbling slowly (about
8 bubbles per minute) and then it stopped altogether.

After 2 more days of no bubbling, I rehydrated another packet of EC-1118,
drew off about 1 cup of the mead and mixed it back in to the pail. But I
never saw another bubble.

Is it possible that all the buckwheat honey got fermented through in that
first day? Should I try to add another 3/4 pound of honey? Could the layer
of peaches floating on top of the mead actually protect it from oxygen? Any
help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

John Daly

Subject: Green Honey
From: Sam Corpuz <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 18:53:26 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everyone!

My father just got home with a bottle of green honey he received from a
friend. it smells faintly of alcohol, and and it tastes differently from
the regular honey that we have. I'm wondering if anyone has made mead out
of it in the past. What do you guys know about green honey?


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