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Bananas Foster Mead and rum choices ("Mark Banschbach, SFO")


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Subject: Bananas Foster Mead and rum choices
From: "Mark Banschbach, SFO" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012 08:17:16 -0700 (PDT)

Greetings all !

Well the fermentation ceased on the bananas Foster wine. I am pleased

to report that after getting caught in one of Floridas afternoon rainstorms
and a resultant trip to the local provvisioners of rum.. I found some
Appletons Estates Rum on sale for about half price.. Soooo that was the
deciding factor… I took it home and after the fermentation ceased I
added it in.. back sweetened a small glass.. and gave it to the testing
lab (the Mrs) and it got outstanding reviews. The only problem being it
tasted NOTHING.. like bananas foster at all !!!

It had a great cinnamon and Banana nose.. but the taste was more like a
grapey, chardoney with notes of citrus, hay and carmel.. very wonderful
taste.. but not what I was looking for at all !! How wonderful are the
happy accidents !

Has anyone else done this ?


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