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Mead directly from a Carboy or beverage container (Henry Murray)


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Subject: Mead directly from a Carboy or beverage container
From: Henry Murray <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 14:06:06 -0500

As I am washing wine bottles for bottling two 5 gal. batches of mead I got
to wondering if anyone has tried a system similar to kegging beer – where a
5 gal batch can be stored all at once in a stainless steel beverage
container and be delivered a glass or two at a time.

I called a local gas supplier and they do sell nitrogen gas in "5 lbs"
containers. The CO2 regulator needs an adapter but can handle nitrogen as
both are non-flammable.

Any one have experience with mead in a stainless steel beverage container
for say 6 to 8 months – or what ever length of time it takes to consume a
batch of mead?

Is there an adapter or system that allows deliver of mead directly from a
carboy – after the last racking of course – perhaps with a small bit of
nitrogen pressure.

Bottom line, trying to get away from washing those wine bottle that I

Happy Thanksgiving.
Hal Murray

Hal Murray

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