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last issue of the MLD (Mead Lovers Digest)
Sad but practical (Bob)
Re: Mead Lover's Digest #1652, 29 December 2013 (Greg Parsons)
Sorry to say good bye; (Robert Lewis)
ending (Micah Millspaw)


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Subject: last issue of the MLD
From: (Mead Lovers Digest)
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 17:52:47 -0700 (MST)

As announced in the preceding digest, this is the last issue of the
Mead-Lover's Digest.

Archives of the MLD will remain available. Digests from 2013 may be found at
(and will remain there in spite of not being the "current year")
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it properly.

As to this Digest: It contains all postings received since the preceding
(1652) up to 4 Jan 2014 AM. -Exception-: Postings which attached or
included an entire previous digest do not appear.

Mead-Lover's Digest
Dick Dunn, Digest Janitor Boulder County, Colorado USA

Subject: Sad but practical
From: Bob <>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 19:57:08 -0500

As a GotMead? Patron and avid MLD reader (unfortunately not a common poster)
I am saddened to see this resource dry up.
There are many people on here who are not on any other forums (thinking
about some of you commercial guys, and others), and this form is more
friendly to some other people (versus the use of forums) who are simply
more comfortable with this format.
But, those facts presented are reality smacking us in the face, and it
hurts, but life usually sucks. That's why we make mead! That sweet (not
implying sugaryness (I made it a word), just goodness), remarkable elixir
that makes life seem less sucky sometimes.
It's funny, I was going to post up some stuff the other day because of the
lack of MLD emails, but the death knell has already been struck. Too late.
Thanks for everyone's help, knowledge, and kindness,

P.S. A good round of cheers for Dick for keeping this resource alive for so
long! 🙂

Subject: Re: Mead Lover's Digest #1652, 29 December 2013
From: Greg Parsons <>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 22:57:01 -0500

I don't think that it is no longer relevant, I just think that the few
of us left are busy with life and trying to survive in today's world.
I have been on the list for a long time, and I am going to go look at
the archives to see if I am missing anything from my archives.
If someone else does decided to take up the torch please let us all know.


[janitor sez: re "the few of us left", the subscription list is 1264.
Even allowing for a lot of those being non-bouncing failures, we've well
over a thousand subscribers. That's a lot of silence.]

Subject: Sorry to say good bye;
From: Robert Lewis <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 13:45:27 -0500

and a hearty thank you to our digest janitor. I discovered the MLD when

the internet was young, AOL was king, and information about mead was
scarce. I am also guilty on not contributing for some time. The Digest
gave me great input over the years, there were also some hilariously funny
posts and responses, (putting a quartz crystal in the carboy comes to
mind). I raise a glass of golden nectar in honor to say good bye.

Some years back I met Vicky Rowe, creator of at a home brewers
guild meeting. She praised my mead Highly, and encouraged I join the
site. I did for a year, but barely visited it, had mixed feelings about
renewing as I wanted to support mead making education, but I barely used
the site. It may have become the facebook of mead making, and I suppose I
will have to sign up again.

Thank you Dick…. perhaps one day we will meet and raise glasses

Robert… (Please contact me for any future mead groups.)

Subject: ending
From: Micah Millspaw <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2014 15:26:14 +0000

I agree it's time to call it. I want to say thank you Dick for keeping this
going so long.
Everybody take care and wassail !!!


End of Mead Lover's Digest #1653