COVID-19 is causing unprecedented disruptions to our small businesses, worldwide. As governments urge citizens to self-isolate, practice social distancing, and in some cases, move to close bars, craft beverage producers, restaurants and other businesses to enforce group sizes and gatherings, these businesses and many others are finding themselves suddenly unable to operate.

In some cases, this could result in companies losing their business. Many countries are rolling out measures to help these businesses stay afloat until we pass the crisis, but they are limited in scope, and you, as mead lovers, can help out.

You already love mead. And there are *so many* amazing meads out there to try. Buy mead, support meaderies!

I will update this list as information comes in. Feel free to @ me at @gotmeadnow on Twitter or @gotmead on Facebook with info.

Meadery Location St Country Online P/U Other Club
Stone Dog Meadery Yarra NSW AUS X   country-wide  
Thistle Meadery Adelaide SA AUS X   country-wide  
Bearded Bee
Rosedale VIC AUS X   country-wide  
Hunter and the Harp Meadery Wollongong NSW AUS X local drop off country-wide  
Milawa VIC AUS X X farm gate  
Meadowvista Honey Wines Kelowna BC Canada X   use BUYLOCAL for free ship over $100
Taranartos     Belgium X
Snoremark   Denmark X   Worldwide  
Pitne Miody   Poland X   Worldwide  
Medovyi Spas Meadery   Ukraine X X  
Kinsale Mead   Ireland X X  
Mercian Mead Derby UK X X delivery w/i 10 miles
Scale & Feather
Avondale AZ USA X  
Meadiocrity Mead San Diego CA USA X X growlers glass free  
Lost Cause
San Diego CA USA X X  
Hunters Moon
Severence CO USA X X Call first for P/U  
Queen Bee
Denver CO USA X X  
Honnibrook Craft Meadery Castle Rock CO USA   X gift cards
Mechalore Meadworks   CO USA X   discount code: Covid_sucks
Horn Meadery
Milton DE USA X X  
Liquid Alchemy
Wilmington DE USA   X Gift Cards Yes  
Viking Alchemist
Marietta GA USA X X  
Unpossible Mead Dwight IL USA   X  
Wild Blossom
Chicago IL USA X X  
Ambrosia Orchard, Cidery and Meadery Hoagland IN USA   X Local Delivery  
1634 Meadery Ipswitch MA USA X X  
House Bear Brewing Newburyport MA USA X X local Delivery  
Charm City Meadworks Baltimore MD USA X X  
Maryland Meadworks Hyattsville MD USA   X Growler & some delivery  
Ferndale MI USA X X  
7C’s Winery Walnut Grove MO USA X X  
St. Ambrose
Beaulah MI USA   X  
B. Nektar Mead Ferndale MI USA   X online & delivery coming  
Urban Forage Winery and Cider Minneapolis MN USA   X Local delivery  
Legend Winery
Victor MT USA X X  
GoodRoad Ciderworks Charlotte NC USA   X  
Durham NC USA X X  
Starrlight Mead Pittsboro NC USA X X Curbside  
Prairie Rose Meadery Fargo ND USA X X  
Ancient Fire Mead & Cider Manchester NH USA X X  
Moonlight Meadery Londonderry NH USA X X Curbside  
Sap House Meadery Ossipee NH USA X X    
Melovino Meadery Vauxhall NJ USA X X   Yes  
Queen City Meadery Seneca NY USA   X  
Esperance NY USA X X  
W A Meadworks Suffolk Cty NY USA   X Curbside – call or msg w/order
810 Meadworks Medina NY USA X X  
Reserve Meadery
Cleveland OH USA X X Local delivery  
Crafted Artisan Meadery Mogadore OH USA X X   Yes  
Leather & Mead
Portland OR USA X X  
Haymaker Meadery Mongomeryville PA USA X X  
Space Time Mead &
Cider Works
Dunmore PA USA X X  
The Colony Meadery Allentown PA USA X  
Bee-Town Mead &
Bluffton SC USA   X  
Trazo Mead Clarksville TN USA X X  
Rohan Meadery La Grange TX USA X  
Meridian Hive Austin TX USA X   retail in 10 statestes Yes  
Silver Hand
Williamsburg VA USA X  
Atheling MeadWorks Roanoke VA USA X X  
Hierophant Meadery Mead WA USA X  
Dragons’ Lair Meadery Lakewood WA USA X X  
Ethereal Meads Battle Ground WA USA X X  
Oppegaard Meadery Tukwila WA USA X X  
White Winter Winery Iron River WI USA X  


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