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Leo Character Description


A bee from the old neighborhood, Leo worked his whole life at a job he hated.  Now he's free to pursue his bliss, but he's finding it a much harder chase than expected.  What do you do when you hate what you do, but don't know what else to do instead?  Indeed, his quest for fulfillment represents the theme of the strip, as the price of a dream can sometimes be very high.

Wendell Character Description


Combine a laser beam focus with a lack of conscience and common sense (and then throw in a dash of cowardice) and you've gone a long way towards describing Wendell.  Until he gets exactly, precisely what he wants, the exact way he wants it, he won't – and, really, can't — lose interest.  Wendell doesn't seem to have a job or much money, but this somehow doesn't stop him from making extravagant purchases in pursuit of his goals.

Frankie Character Description


A faded beauty and one-time royal contender, Frankie lives for the old days while spending most of her time on a bar stool.  Her acerbic insight comes from watching years of insects come and go, building up their hopes and dreams, only to see them break or fade away.  She's jaded, poorly preserved, and even a little angry with life, but yet somehow avoids despair.  She and the Colonel have been having a secret affair for years, which everyone, nonetheless, knows about and ignores.

Colonel Character Description

The Colonel

A very proper bee in his elder years, and veteran of the Great War, the Colonel believes that right is right and wrong is wrong and never (well, rarely) the twain shall meet.  He's rumored to be well-off, money-wise, but chooses to spend nearly all of his free time in "Sammy's Place", sipping tea and reading his paper.

Daisy Character Description


Long suffering personal assistant to the Queen, Daisy had no life and little excitement until she met Leo.  Now she still has no life, but the melodrama has ramped up, and she's no longer bored.  While the Queen couldn't function without her, Daisy still has doubts about her own capabilities.

Leena Character Description 


A young workingbee who took over Leo's old job, Leena's on the upward curve in her pursuit of happiness.  Hanging out at "Sammy's Place" and with the kooks who frequent it may go a long way towards avoiding blue collar burnout — though her outlook on life is sunnier than most to begin with. A little shy, she admires Wendell's utter lack of self-doubt, and hangs out with him when she can. 


Mel Character Description


A genetically-constructed cross between honey bees and gorillas, Mel is endowed with great intelligence and a gentle disposition.  His easy-going personality and gift for diplomacy belies his capacity for strategy and subterfuge, and people often find him firstly intimidating and then cuddly — neither of which are really accurate.

Queen Character Description

The Queen

Aristocratic, bubble-headed, and preened to the point of helplessness, the Queen of the Hive leads mostly through inaction.  She's completely reliant upon others, and finds any distractions from her typical day to be tedious in the extreme.


A pal of Leo's from the old neighborhood, Sammy owns and runs the meadhall.  Though never pictured in the strip, he's a base presence that influences and guides all others that enter his establishment. In many ways, he's the only contented character in the comic, having attained his dream from the beginning in opening up "Sammy's Place".


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