DIY Chiller Project

DIY Chiller Project

Many people have the goal to make great tasting and looking mead. With so many variables in the mead making process, temperature is one that rates among the most important to control. But for most weekend worrier mazers a solution that won’t break the bank and solve the temperature problem is hard to come by.

There are many options like setting up a swamp cooler with your fermenter in a tub with ice water and wrapping it in something that stays wet. It’s not a very sophisticated process but you’ll need to ensure the water is cold and the wrap is wet. Another option is the modified refrigerator/freezer with a temperature controller. This requires space and limits you to either one batch, multiple batches each in their own refrigerator or running several batches together at the same temperature profile. Then there’s the cold, dark spot in a closet or basement…..

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