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  • Exclusive content – nearly 13 years of articles and recipes from the old American Mead Association – Gotmead has obtained exclusive permission to re-publish articles, recipes and other nifty stuff from the authors of articles in the AMA newsletters.
  • The BrewBlog  – here you can create an online brewing log, where you can keep track of your batches, notes and comments. No comments are allowed by others unless you say so, but all can read of your recipes, and benefit from your experience.
  • The Chat Room  – the chat room allows you to chat live with your fellow GM’ers while on the site.  It will be in that column all the time, no matter what page you’re on, and is an exclusive benefit of paid members.
  • Mead & Honey Reviews – We’ve many people who have a great deal of experience with wines and meads, and will be posting reviews of commercial meads and various honeys from around the world.
  • Upcoming: Patron-only recipes that can be downloaded and saved.
  • Special articles and tools available only to subscribers – yet to be released. But as I devise more ways to provide mead info, and other things, they will be made available to subscribers
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