Hi folks!

Gotmead.com is a community. Communities need information! So, if you’d like to submit articles to Gotmead.com, please read on to learn what is needed:

First, create your article offline in your favorite word processor. Then, come to this page (click the ‘submit news’ link in your user menu) and select the section you’d like to submit an article for.

Next, select the category for the article (please let me know if we need a new category, I didn’t cover *everything*!).

Next, paste the first paragraph or so of your article into the first edit box. This will provide the stuff upto the ‘read more’ you see on the article pages.

Finally, paste the *rest* of your article (minus what you put in the intro box) into the main box.

Click ‘submit’ and I’ll get an email to come and approve your article. You’re all done!

Sections you can submit to:

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