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This recipe is loosely based on wayneb’s Christmas Spiced Metheglin with a BOMM twist. I believe credit should be given where it is due.

I wanted something Christmas-sy (it’s a word now) quick, so here we go:

Christmas Spice BOMM
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Batch Size Original Readings Final Readings Strength (ABV)
gallon1 gallon Gravity1.120Brix Gravity1.000Brix 15.7% ABV
Batch Start Batch Finish
Cook Time Passive Time
30days 29days
Servings: gallon
Servings: gallon
    Main Instructions
    1. Start by making 2 cups of tea using all the spices down to the anise seed
    2. Let it brew on the spice for about an hour, then strain through a French press and add to carboy.
    3. Add 3 lbs orange blossom honey to a one gallon carboy.
    4. Add 1.5 cups apple cider.
    5. Add the juice of 2 cuties and peels without the pith.
    6. Add 1/4 tsp DAP and 1/2 tsp of Fermaid K. (I'll add these again at 2/3 (1.08) & 1/3 (1.04) sugar break.)
    7. Add 1/2 tsp K2CO3. One time addition. Increased the amount to compensate for the acidity of the fruit juice.
    8. Add spring water to a 1/2 cup shy of one gallon.
    9. Add a slurry of Wyeast 1388.
    Post Fermentation
    1. Add one vanilla bean after primary fermentation is over (SG 1.000-1.005).
    2. Cold crash after a week.
    3. Bottle with carbonation drops (1 per 250 ml).
    4. Allow to carbonate 1-2 weeks until slightly carbonated. Enjoy chilled on Christmas!
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