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  • Patron-Only Forum Boards – Belly Up – a discussion area, boards for equipment, recipes, techniques and fermentation management. The long-time mead makers who are patrons post their best recipes and advice here.
  • The MeadCast – The GM Podcast. Starting with footage from the International Mead Festival and visits to Colorado meaderies, the MeadCast will, over time, be a monthly offering that includes pro meadery interviews, author talks, book reviews, tips, tricks and recipes for making mead, new places to purchase supplies, and anything else I can think of to help you make better mead, find better mead, and be a primo meadster.
  • Mead & Honey Reviews – We’ve many people who have a great deal of experience with wines and meads, and will be posting reviews of commercial meads and various honeys from around the world.
  • Special articles and tools available only to subscribers – yet to be released. But as I devise more ways to provide mead info, and other things, they will be made available to subscribers
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