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2008 International Mead Festival


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Lifetime GotMead Patron
Consider yourself teased! :eek:

The deadline can vary depending on when the judging coordinator can figure out the logistics required to get samples to the right people for evaluation, but it is typically near the end of the calendar year. For example the deadline for the '07 entries was Dec 15, 2006. They haven't set a date yet for this year's competition.


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Dec 26, 2004
The OC
We actually have set a date, we don't generally publish it unil a couple of weeks before the call for entries. Otherwise we've found in the competitions we've studied as models that people lose interest over the course of time, and entries dwindle as a result. Doesn't make sense, but in every large competition we polled they do it pretty much the same.




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Aug 30, 2007
Thinking about it, if it's held around the same time each year, I won't have even my Scak Mead ready by Febuary. Blast it all! :sad11: :BangHead: :angryfire:

Oh, well...
I'll have plenty of time to get ready for '09.