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4 pounds of BamaBeek Early Spring Honey - Ideas?


Registered Member
Jul 22, 2009
Eugene, Oregon
Ok I need your suggestions.
BamaBeek sent me 4 pounds of his early spring honey. It has an amazing floral aroma and depth in flavor: flowers and grasses.
What are your suggestions for making mead with this honey?
I need your help guys. I want this mead to taste like the honey.
I was thinking Lemon Balm which grows wild here.
I was also thinking something more straight forward, like honey, water and yeast.
I am still new so your advice is very welcome!!!!!

@BamaBeek, you have some really nice honey.


Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
If the aroma is that good, keep it traditional! Show off that honey!! I've had good luck when I have been able to keep the temperature relatively low with R-HST yeast, but you'll have to feed it to avoid sulphide smells. If you have to ferment at relatively higher temperatures, then consider 71B if you're going for sweet to semi-sweet, or K1V-1116 if you want it to be dry but still preserve some of that floral aroma.