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Articles wanted for Gotmead

Etowah Meadery - Drink Unique
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GotMead Owner
Staff member
Apr 5, 1996
North Carolina
Folks, I can't pay for them, but if you'd like to write an article on any subject you think worthy of Gotmead, I'd love to see it. Send it to me at gotmead@gotmead.com, with your suggestion of whether you'd like to have it integrated into an existing section of the site (like Miriam's upcoming article on safety), or if you'd like it posted in the articles list (like Miriam's article on Tej).

During the coming re-vamp of the Gotmead site, I'll be overhauling all the under-pages to have the same header and footer as the main page, and putting all of them into a layout with a left wide column, and a right narrow one.

Articles can be as long as you like. No restrictions. Make it about mead (LOL). But it doesn't have to be 'official' type stuff. If you want to write a blog-style article about your travails with making mead, or about a trip to a meadery, or really, *anything* having to do with mead, including stories, poems, etc. then send it over.

The goal here is to add to the data. My goal is that Gotmead will be the end-all biggest pile o' mead-related info on the internet. If your stuff needs me to create a new section, then by golly I will. Gotmead is learning, entertainment, meeting new friends and old friends, and generally providing a place for the home-meadmaking community to have a perpetual, virtual brew-club meeting, with all the stuff that does, and could go on at such a meeting.

So, open your minds, get out of the box, and lemme have it! I'll do my best to get them all up. Be patient, I've a day job too, so I can't always put stuff up asap (though I try). But it'll get there.

Oh, minimal requirements: Word or Word-compatible format. If you know HTML, then by all means, please feel free to add HTML formatting. I can lay it into the blank page layout, no prob. Keep in mind that I will apply the site CSS for fonts and colors, so leave that out.

Thanks, to Miriam and everyone who contributes to this mead circus we've got here.

Your friendly neighborhood Meadwench (and webmistress)
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members
Etowah Meadery - Drink Unique