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Bottles blowing corks

The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers


Registered Member
Jan 25, 2006
6 weeks ago, I bottled two batches of mead. One was a Dry Plain Mead (15 bottles) and the other was a sweet Peach Melomel (24 Bottles).
I added the appropriate amount of Campden tables 36 hours before bottling to insure fermentation was stopped.

When bottling, I soaked my corks in a glycerine solution to make it easier to insert the corks. I did this on recommendation of my LHBS, because I was complaining about damaged corks during my previous dozen or so batches. All bottles are stored in the basement at about 68 degrees.

My Problem: I've had about 10 bottles blow their corks in the past 2 weeks. From both batches. Is the glycerine reacting with my mead to cause this, or are the corks overlubed? HOW DO I STOP THIS INSANITY? I'm drinking it as fast as I can, but I'm concerned about long term storage for these two batches.

Also, is there a sure way to make certain fermentation is stopped before bottling? Any additives?


Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Mar 19, 2005
Dubuque, Iowa
You could pick up an enolmatic bottling machine with filter unit, the .25 micron is a sterile filtration and will filter out all yeast and bacteria, so continued fermentation won't be a problem.

The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers