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Bulk honey mess

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Registered Member
Jan 9, 2004
This may not be the right forum for this question, but I could not figure out a better one!

I have stayed away from buying honey in 5 or 6 gallon containers, because I can only imagine how messy it would be to try to transfer it into smaller containers for usage! So, I would like to know how others perform this feat!
Do you dip into the bucket with something?
Do you pour it into containers (and all over the floor)?
Do you heat it to make it easier to pour?

Just curious!


Got Mead Partner
Dec 26, 2004
The OC
I place mine in a hot water bath to make it easier to pour.

I then transfer it into 1 gallon (marked in increments of .5 qt) containers for use in batches. I use a labeling system that identifies the date the honey is from, the honey varietal, the supplier, the total number of containers from the lot, and the individual lot number on each container. Something like this:

Orange Blossom Honey
Miller's Honey
Lot #1
60 pounds, 5 gallon bucket
5 One gallon splits
Split 1 of 5



Senior Member
Lifetime GotMead Patron
I use a dip and hold the mason quart jar I am filling over the bucket I am dipping out of. It is a little messy but I don't do the whole bucket. Just a couple gallons into quart jars and maybe a few 1lb jars. Once it crystalizes in the bucket I just spoon it out and weigh it when I need it.


Registered Member
Nov 12, 2003
I just pour into 1/2 gal mason jars as I need it. It spills a little, but it takes 10 seconds to clean up. Not a big deal.

This weekend I noticed that my most recent 5 gal container is infested with ants. :mad: :mad: :mad: Just little ones, and not too many. I'm trying to decide between using the honey as-is, returning it and trying to get a new one from the beekeeper, and trying to filter the remaining 4 gals.


Registered Member
Mar 21, 2004
I usually buy my honey in 2 gallon size and yes it is still a mess to measure out.
But if and when i buy a five gallon bucket. I would just set up a bucket with a honey gate.
Used by beekeepers to bottle their honey for sale. And either transfer the honey to it..(probably a pain in the ass) or if you can find a beekeeper have them fill your bucket with the honeygate in it. Ethier way the honey gates are cheap and if you buy buckets from these supply shops, they are food grade plastic.. which means they are safe for meadmaking. and much cheaper then a bucket you would by from a supply shop. They should be exactly the same just drill a hole and put a grommet in for an air lock. So anyways this is where i buy my beekeeping supplies you can buy a honey get there.. hope this helps!
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members