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Can lalvin k1v116 ferment outside in below 10c/50f


Registered Member
Sep 20, 2020
I started a big batch of cyser with k1v116. It stinks pretty bad so I wanted to put it outside.
The weather reports says temperatures in the next week will be on average
Daytime 13C(55.4) and night time down to 6C(42.8F).
Is this possible or will I the brew stop fermenting?

The batch is fermenting in a couple of 22 liters(5.8 us gallon) batches.
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Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Registered Member
Aug 24, 2020
Independence, Louisiana
This is what it says on the back of the package, "
Oenological properties

The K1V-1116 strain is a rapid starter with a constant and complete fermentation. With a fermentation temperature range of 10° - 35°C (50° and 95°F), the K1V is capable of surviving a number of difficult conditions, such as low nutrient musts and high levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2) or sugar. Tolerant of alcohol levels up to 18%, Wines fermented with the K1V-1116 have very low volatile acidity, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and foam production."

So, 42.8 might be a little chilly for it. I am doing a persimmon melomel that gets a little stinky. When it was in its 1/3 and even in the second third sugar break, I would give it nutrients and energizer, and the smell would go away. I am in my last third phase, so I hesitate to feed it. I just gently de-gassed it instead.


Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Apr 1, 2015
Sierra Foothills, CA
One comparison that I did once was fermenting identical 1-gallon traditional mead batches using K1V in my garage versus indoors, which were 55 and 65 F respectively, since it was winter. The one at 55 F took longer (not surprising) and had a milder flavor, which is notable since K1V is a fairly clean yeast to start with. It will probably ferment below 50, but I would anticipate an extension of those results.
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Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Registered Member
Jun 12, 2011
k1v is my go to yeast for fruit meads. It is tough as nails. Many years ago I did a stress test with it where I kept using the same yeast cake. It made it 4 batches before I called it off, but that was due to off flavors. The yeast was still going strong... and that was after the first batch went to over 18% abv. I've also experimented with low temp because I brew a lot of lagers. In my experience, once you get into the low 50s k1v is going to slow down a lot, but if you are patient, it can produce very clean ferments.

If fermentation slows down too much, you can always wrap some insulation or a blanket around your fermenter.

If you put it outside, just make sure critters can't get into it. Also, i would make sure to block sunlight.

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