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Cherry Mead - is it stuck/DOA?


Registered Member
Sep 5, 2020
Sunshine State
Recipe: 9 lbs honey, 2 lbs sugar (used up a partial bag), 3 jars cherry preserves, 1/2 gal Ocean Spray Cran-Cherry, 16 oz Black Cherry Conc., approx 4+ gal Spring water. 1 Tbsp DADY (rehydrated), 1 tsp nutrient, 1 tsp energizer. 6 gal fermenter bucket. SG 1.114, pH 4.4

After 24 hours, no apparent activity with the bubbler. I opened it up and found a nice kroesen on top, stirred it up and added 2 packets of rehydrated Lavlin EC1118.
I checked it again 1 day later, no bubbler activity, kroesen had formed. I added about 1 tsp of nutrient after a good stir.

48 hours later, rechecked it again, same situation. Added another tsp of nutrient.

72 hours later, still no bubbler action, same scenario present.

Should I check the SG and if no apparent drop from OG of 1.114, is it time to dump this mix? If there is some drop in SG, at what level would be worth saving it?

I am wondering if the preserves had some kind of inhibitor or preservative to prevent fermentation?

Scratching my head here, usually the EC1118 will kickstart a fermentation, but it apparently had little or no effect.

Suggestions welcome.

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