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Crystallized honey, liquify or toss in?


Worker Bee
Registered Member
Feb 15, 2020
Central California
Title says it all.

Using honey that has been crystallized, should I heat and melt before adding toward a must or could I just chuck it in?

I usually measure it by weight in the jug by zeroing the scale with my primary fermentation vessel and then adding liquid ingredients. Easier when you honey is in a bulk container. This is why I asked partially

anyhow, I got a 40# jerry can of honey from some local mountains and a lot of it is crystallized.
so should i be concerned for needing the consistency to be even throughout the whole jug? I’m assuming it’s all fine but I thought I’d ask.


Grumpy Old Drone
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Apr 28, 2016
Burlingame, California
Honey contains different types of sugars and each one of them may crystallize differently or not crystalize at all. So if you are using only part of the honey from your jerry can and pure out only not crystalized sugars it will be not the same honey as the part still left in the can. Warming your entire can and mixing all content together will make your honey more uniform.
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