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Day 2 to Day 5: Average gravity drop .003 (1.083)


Registered Member
Apr 28, 2020
Hi! I'm wondering if I should be concerned about my first batch, and if so, how I might troubleshoot...

The average gravity drop has been .003 lately (last check was 1.083). An airlock bubble is consistent at every 20 seconds. When I hold my ear to the fermenter I can hear bubbles, but the surface of the must is pretty stagnant.

My full notes are here.

"Costco Traditional"
2.5 gallon (320oz) batch
1 packet 71b
7.69lbs Costco Wildflower honey, Crystal Geyser water
SG: 1.115, 1/3 sugar break @ 1.077 (or 1.075 if you take into account the expected final gravity?)
Nutrient Protocol: Fermaid O / Fermaid K / DAP (Travis Blount-Elliott's)
Aerating & Degassing twice a day (morning and evening)

Notes/Gravity readings/Nutrient details:

My full initial process was:

  • Make star san solution (1.5ml per 32oz spray bottle), clean everything
  • Read GoFerm & yeast instructions/adjust steps per yeast instructions
  • Sousvide 110F water, with 0.5 cup of clean water resting within/covered
  • Let yeast sit out of fridge
  • Add honey to fermenter
  • Add clean water until at LEAST 0.5 cup shy of batch of volume line
  • Mix honey/water well with drill stirrer (can leave in, will be aerating again shortly)
  • Make sure it is thoroughly mixed, check that no honey is sticking to the bottom of the container.
  • Mix GoFerm, let cool to 104F
  • Sprinkle yeast, quick swirl
  • Rest 15-20 min
  • Add 63 ml every 5 min until within 10 degrees of must
  • Aerate must with drill stirrer, then pitch yeast
  • Add water until at batch volume, lightly mix (swirl fermenter)
  • Check OG, note it
  • Apply airlock
  • Make notes (including what the 1/3rd sugar break will be), make calendar reminders

Thank you so much for any assistance!