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Diluting finished alcohol


Registered Member
Sep 21, 2010
This is a general question on diluting alcohol when finished. We would like to try different fruit juice additions to our finished mead. For simplicity I will use round numbers. If we finish at 10% and add 2oz. of juice to 10 oz. of mead , thus diluting by 20% will the new alcohol be 8% ?
Thank you, apc


Certified Mead Mentor
Certified Mead Mentor
Jun 26, 2006
Ithaca, NY

There is a blending utility in the mead calculator if you care to figure it out. The governing equation is the "law of mixtures": P1*V1 + P2*V2 = Pt*Vt where P is some property (like alcohol %) and V is the volume. Since you are simply diluting, P2 = 0 and you can simplify it to Pt = P1 * (V1/Vt).

For your example, the volume dilution is 10/12 and P1 is 10%, so your final alcohol is 8.3%.

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