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Dingurth's Mead Reviews

The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers


Registered Member
May 23, 2012
Brooklyn , NY
Haven't done one of these in a while, but fortunately its because I've been drinking too much mead instead of not enough. In the past 6 months I've been at 4 events where I've had at least a dozen different meads. At first I tried to take notes but I couldn't keep up haha. Without further ado.

Pineapple Mead Spritzer - New Day Craft Meadery
Tropical and juicy, made with pure pineapple juice. Perfect on its own, or as a cocktail mixer with rum, tequila, or mescal. 4% ABV

Definitely the weakest mead I've had by ABV, but packed with flavor. As opposed to the other pineapple mead I had were the fruit was subtle, this smacked you in the face. Pineapple and some honey in the nose. Mostly pineapple in the flavor with faint honey in the back. Light carbonation. Sweet but not overly so.

Overall: 8/10
This would be perfect for a day at the beach. Or like they said, in some sort of mixer.
The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers