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Early Spring Honey Extraction


Registered Member
Aug 29, 2004
Port Orange, Florida, USA
Well it's been a good spring so far down here in Florida. After watching the citris trees bloom over the last two weeks I decided it was time to check the shallow suppers for any honey. Boy was I surprised, ended up with 3 1/2 shallows full of honey. Pulled them off the hives Tuesday and let the bees clear out untill today which was spent doing my first extraction of the year. Ended up with 6 gallons of a darker medium sweet honey and maybe 2 lbs of wax. If I had more hives it would of been possible to seperate the citris/orange blossom from the rest but with only three hives it was impossible to split the different types up. Can't wait to start up a gallon batch of classic straight mead with the fresh crop. Hope everyones hives are making it thru the tail end of the winter, sounds like spring is slow in coming this year.


The Compleat Sybarite
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Jan 5, 2005
Troy, MI
Congrats, indeed. Your position is envious. I hope '07 is a banner year for you. I'm glad to hear you did not suffer total devastation from CCD.



Registered Member
Mar 21, 2004
Extracting honey in April congrats indeed, I couldn't imagine it.

Right now I am happy that my girls are bringing in pollen! I hope! Need to check on my remaining colony on Monday. Prolly going to have to give them another patty.

Got nucs coming in a few weeks.