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experiment with a framboise beer.

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Registered Member
Apr 27, 2014
I have recently brewed wine from raspberry jam, yes raspberry jam found a great recipe http://www.wijnmaker.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/wijn-van-jam-wine-made-from-jam.html The jam contains sugar and fruit juice, get rid of the pectin with pectalase and thats all your left with. So I decided to do a raspberry beer (before I read loads on the internet about lambic this and that)


I got 4lb of jam containing 1128g of sugar and 850g of fruit (raspberry) I thought id use the sugar from the jam instead of adding any other.

Added a bit of water that I used to swill the jars out with.

Then 2 table spoons of pectalase stirred and left.

Added a pale ale 23l brew kit (better Brew, premium beer kit india pale ale)

Pitched the yeast with some nutrient later added to the brew.

With the jam being so cheap I can add more or less at any stage of racking. I am thinking of bottling this. Has anyone tried anything like this before? Is it likely to work, Im throwing things in but when you delve into it on the internet it seems much much more complicated?

any knowledge of brewing with Jams either on their own or as a flavouring would be appreciated.

Marshmallow Blue

Registered Member
I did a hydromel with Red Currant jam, Similar to you with Pectic Enzyme to break down the pectin and got a great mead. Not sure who said it was complicated, the only extra step is getting the pectin out. I maybe would have cut the hops down or gone with a different base kit than an IPA for a fruit beer. But this should be fine and you shouldn't run into any issues.

If you're making a true framboise beer with bacteria, then it does add some complications, but it doesn't sound like you're going that route.

bathtub brewer

Registered Member
Nov 19, 2014
Palmer, Alaska
I like to use the light malts for specialty beers as they allow for other flavors. However IPAs are usually very hoppy and will cover other flavors.
To me that level of hop doesn't go well with sweet, but that is just my preference.


Registered Member
Jul 26, 2019
experiment with a framboise beer

I just made an APA with Ahtanum, but it is still in primary and I havent tasted it yet. My understanding is that it is more similar to Cascade, but a little more grapefruit-forward.


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Lifetime GotMead Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Nov 3, 2014
If you don't remove your spam link you will be removed from the forum Kamabnogs


Lifetime GotMead Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Mar 4, 2019
I'm fairly convinced that he is just a bot that is spamming them forums. Not even sure there is a human even typing... just a computer program trying to fake us out enough to keep going. I used the report post button on his last one.
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