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Registered Member
Oct 29, 2010
Montgomery, AL
Okay, so as I'm. Working my stores today I kinda had a morbid day dream. Which leads me to a question. How long is mead good for? More specifically if I put it in a keg and seal it, how long will it stay drinkable?

My thought is that I want to make some mead, about 30 gallons worth, keg it and store it until I die. Thing is, I'm only 32...


Registered Member
Jul 22, 2010
Tennessee Valley
Some Polish meads call for ageing 100 years before drinking. I would think that it would store for a few hundred more. How long are you planning to live?

Most meads may not last quite that long. There is a tread with a post to an article, where they tasted a 45 year old Bochet. Seem it was still quite good.

The key to a long life (for your mead), is constant, steady, cool, storage temperature.

Here's to a long life, for you and your meads.




Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
A couple of years back I had the privilege of tasting a little of a Polish-style mead that had been made by the patriarch of the Stawski family back in the 1960's. It had been stored in an oak barrel in a cellar, where it was apparently forgotten for all those intervening years (around 45 years total). I must say that I never before (or since) tasted a mead with as much complexity, depth, pleasant aromatics, and delightful drinkability, as that one. So, with proper storage conditions, some meads do in fact last for, and improve over, decades.


Registered Member
Apr 17, 2011
Some Polish meads call for ageing 100 years before drinking. I would think that it would store for a few hundred more. How long are you planning to live?

Members of generation X and forwards that don't smoke, eat and live healthy, have their life expectancy increasing by1 year every year. So in theory, if medical science continues it's trend, Gen-X and Millenial generation should be immortal.

Now to see if we can make Social Security solvent with that :)


I am Meadlemania
GotMead Patron
Sep 9, 2010
near a lake
i'm going to do a 15 gallon batch of elderberries. i've got a 15 gallon sankey keg that i will age it in. will probably have to do 3 5 gallon buckets as primaries/secondaries and then transfer to the keg for bulk aging.
Elderberries! Perfect. May you outlive many elders. Elder blossom is thought to be better for charms, though, but they're not in season...