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fast fermenation


Registered Member
Apr 23, 2005
Ok, maybe someone can help me.
I did a 1 gl. batch of mead, using 71B-1122 yeast and 3 lbs. of honey. It had a starting gravity of 1.090, ph of about 4.4, and started fermenting within 3 hrs. It fermented vigorously for about 3 days then quite. I measured the gravity again and it was 1.000 (ph was still above 4). In the book I have (The Complete Mead Maker) (good book by the way) it says that the meads gravity should finish around .100 lower then what it started at, which mine just about is. So my question is am I done? As anybody else ever fermented that fast?

Thanks for the help

Dan McFeeley

Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Oct 10, 2003
I've had a meads finish out in a week -- only happened a couple of times. I didn't measure the pH but it wouldn't have surprised me to have found that it started out above 4.0, like yours.

If the mead is at 1.000 gravity, quite still with no bubbles, it's probably done.


Registered Member
Apr 3, 2005
My Peaches and Cherry Cyser has been racked twice and is bulk aging in under a month. The SG was 1.090 at the start, 1.01 at ist racing in about 10 days, I topped it off with Peach Juice and it was down to .995 in about a week. I racked it again and stablized and sweetened with 1.5 lbs of honey in 1/2 gal of water, and its 1.005 and bulk aging now. It is the fastest batch I had finish up so far

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