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Fermentable Insoluble Sugars

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Jun 19, 2012
Howdy all,

I've looked around and cannot find an answer, so thought I would just pose my question.

Is it possible to determine a final ABV if fruit (or any other fermentable insoluble sugar) is used during the primary fermentation?

I use the term "insoluble" loosely as the sugar is soluble, just not when I stick whole chunks into the fermentation bucket and take a SG reading right after.


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Hi, Lied! Welcome to "Gotmead!"

Good question (with a somewhat involved answer)!!

With fruit that hasn't been pressed into juice, you can only estimate the amount of sugars available for fermentation. I've covered this subject in a past thread; if you use the search tool and search for the terms 'fermentable sugar in fruit' you'll find, among other things, this:

My posting (I think it is around #10 in the thread) explains how to estimate the fruit's contribution to your total sugar content in a melomel must. If you've got any questions after reading the entire thread (ignore the puns), then let us know!
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members