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fining agents and bottling additives

The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers


Registered Member
Mar 21, 2004
i was just wondering how many of you use fining agents and bottling additives? i used bentonite once on a very problomatic mead. it worked well. but after bottling i got sediment. i used it a month prior to bottling and racked once or twice befor bottling.
And as of use of bottling agents such as asorbic acid and stabelizer. my last batch i used asorbic acid and about a month later i got sediment in my bottles. is there really a need? i've been straying away from additives at bottling and have been getting very nice bottles. i just don't know if i should give it up or not. i want clear bottles but i don't want oxidation. and i haven't used a stabilizer in more then a year i always bulk age for about 6 months before bottling.
So here i am looking for opinions thaks for your thoughts
The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers