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First brew help


Registered Member
May 22, 2005
Hi :) pleased to have found you

Ive just set my first ever brew of mead away, 2 x 5 litres both the same ingedients ie. 1.3k honey 20g tartaric acid and pectolose plus gervin yeast no 3 as per a recipe i found after searching the net.
i would like to make them both dry but can i add spices to the other one, maybe ginger, they have both been brewing now for 48 hours

am i too late

help a newbie please

Happy brewin :)


Senior Member
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Dec 8, 2004

It's never too late to adjust the taste until it's in your mouth! Many people actually do what you do -- that is, make a larger batch they break down into smaller ones, so they can make multiple flavors/types of mead. Many people like to wait until the mead is in the secondary fermenter too. Others add flavoring in the primary, and still others, at bottling time. It's really all a matter of taste and preference. For a recent discussion on adding fruit to the primary or secondary, go here:

Additions of spices could work similarly.